When Mysterious Things Stay Mysterious



Since the 1950s
it’s been painted on,
red, blue, white, gold,
holding more colors than the rainbow.
In endless onion-like layers,
it holds all the paint put on it by groups on campus.
Yet still, like the other ones,
it grows as healthy as ever.
Its leaves die when they need to.
In due time, they grow when they need to.
The Greek Tree at SUNY Geneseo.


This tree is like the vineyard.
The greatest and largest vine of all.
For over 230 years,
it has lived on the face of the earth and still is.
As if a new-planted vine,
it is active more than ever.
It produces its grapes and leaves,
due season.
Makes as many as 2,245 bunches
of grapes.
The Great Vine of Hampton Court Palace Gardens.


And so who is to understand,
the mystery behind,
the cause of their growth.
Why they stay strong all these years,
still manifesting,
still producing,
in conditions,
the other ones cannot uphold.
But it’s okay that,
we don’t
That’s the beauty of their
peculiar, intriguing site.
That they alone know,
the power behind their functionality,
and the rest of the world,
is asked to feed off their amazing sight.
So that we are fascinated by
the nature of their growth,
and not the mystery of their growth.



Brenda Bota is a student at SUNY Geneseo. She is a Psychology major and an English major. She lives in Bronx, New York. She has a passion for writing and her writing is usually centered around what sparks her interest or a personal life experience.