geneseo almanacs, n. A gallery of pieces originating in walks Geneseo writers took around dorms, the campus, and the village. Writing catalyzed by objects seen during these walks.

geneseo almanacs, v. To say this story happened in this place at this time. To map the start of writing. To invite readers to navigate how and where stories begin. To write from chance encounter: a question, a trace memory of experience that sharpens when held up to attention.


The most recent of the Geneseo Almanacs originated in Jess Fenn’s Spring 2016 Foundations of Creative Writing class at SUNY Geneseo (TA Evan Goldstein).

Contributors include:

Adrian Abate
Erin Anderson
Krista Borst
Madison Bussman
Patricio Carrasco
Anna Charny
Melody Choi
Cara DeJesus
Lydia Dozoretz
Jake Fleischer
Greg Gustafson
Phoebe Hartvigsen
Elizabeth Henty
Rachel Katz
Isabel Keane
Julia Kinel
Nicole Logrieco
Neha Marolia
Niamh McCrohan
Olivia Moran
Chris Rathbun
Noah Zweifel


The Geneseo Almanacs originated in Jess Fenn’s Fall 2015 Foundations of Creative Writing class at SUNY Geneseo (TA Marley DeRosia).

Contributors include:

Abbey Baulkwill
Brenda Bota
Noah Coates
Lily Codera
Marley DeRosia
Sophie deFreitas
Daria Epakchi
Jess Fenn
Jessica Goldstein
Danielle Gonzalez
Hannah Griffin
James Hamilton
Catherine Henry
Dowon Hwang
Noah Mazer
Bianca Nolt
DongWon Oh
Connor Quinn
Patrick Ruehle
David Sabol
Maria Smith
Miranda Steinberg
Casey Vincelette


Special thanks to Marley DeRosia and Evan Goldstein for photography; to Steve Dresbach for audio recording instruction and technical assistance; to Paul Schacht for shaping and supporting the project’s digital vision.