I sight my destination, Sundance books
Only to find it cold
It was time for the store to open,
Why wasn’t it open?
For the owners this is unbecoming, for the customers all but charming
As cattle to the trough we lined up on the doorstep, waiting for the channel of knowledge to open
To the left, I hear someone cough,
To the right, I see them shifting: anger becoming palpable
Our displeasure manifested itself in our body language
We didn’t have to speak, we didn’t have to explain
We all had the same thoughts
As a collective we shifted and sighed ꟷ tensions building, hoping the next car held “the chosen one.”
A man comes around the corner, time slows, and we all perk up: like dogs about to receive a treat
All anger dissipates with the promise of satisfaction, even when the owner ignores his offense
The doors open.
We flow in to sate our hunger


Adrian Abate is a Freshman at SUNY Geneseo. He is studying… well he doesn’t know yet. Born and raised in Fairport, a suburb of Rochester, he didn’t have to travel far to attend college. This piece illustrates the displeasure he felt one morning…or is it the displeasure they felt.